Monday, August 20, 2007

Today's crazy...and it's only 12:30PM

I had a really great weekend - BBQ shabbat, naptime in the park, drunk off 2 drinks Sat. night with some Albany boys, Superbad (which was super good) with one of the three, and an all around fun time that I haven't had in a while. All I need is a girls' night of dancing.

So I leave for Israel tomorrow night and am supposed to arrive Wed. everning. I'm packing like a nut and will probably pack as many, if not more, pairs of shoes for 3 weeks than I had for a year. I'm crazy, I'm sure. But many I'm just looking forward to looking my best for the next 3 weeks. Who am I kidding...I know I'm just going to wear flip flops the whole time - you can't take the Tel Aviv out of the girl.

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