Thursday, September 20, 2007

A summary of days - Part 2 (from the bus)

Lately I find myself really missing my grandparents. I wonder what that's all about, but I like that they are constantly in my mind. I get a strange warm feeling from it. I hope to dream of them both soon.

It definitely has the feel of autumn in New York. Today my feet are in closed-toe shoes for the first time in weeks. Last night I was happy I had brought my coat.

Although I was exhausted and suffering from delirium after only a few hours of sleep on my flight, I allowed my mom to convince me that an 11 PM supermarket run was a good idea. It was one which led to cheese blintzes and half-sour pickles at 1 AM.

My trip to the supermarket was like a breath of fresh air. No Russian women to intimidate me. Every item in its place. Blintzes on sale (good old Waldbaum's). Like a dream. Like the NY skyline (sorry, but I write this on the bus to NYC)>

Ah Manhattan. My first love. This seems to happen on my first trip back to the city. Something like the chills mixed with cold sweats. But in a good uneasy way. I become anxiety-ridden as I think of a snow-filled winter. Note to self: buy galoshes and a raincoat. And yet I digress.

NY Israel, Israel NY. Will the dilemma ever end? One thing is for sure - nothing feels like home as much as Tel Aviv...except of course for NY.