Thursday, July 10, 2008

I haven't had much to say lately

I'm sort of just watching the summer unfold before my eyes. No real developments, no real excitement, just watching, waiting, hoping. For what? Something that will shake up my life in a positive way, that will stir me at my core. A reason to tango, a spring in my step because it's summer.

I don't have a summer love; there's no man of my dreams waking me in bed, no one to make coffee with in the morning, no reason to want to make coffee in the morning. And still I hope find that ray of sunshine peeking through my window every morning when I wake. And still I hope for another reason to dance on the weekend. To continue to believe in love and fate and G-d and thank Him daily for His creations. I look for a reason to say, "Damn, I love this city." It doesn't always come. But still I have hope that every day will bring me closer to flowers.

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